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          With a Total Investment of 1 Billion Yuan, BOSOM Has Made Great Moves Again

          Release time:2021/09/30 Publisher:

            On September 28 in the morning, The R&d and the "future factory" of Hangzhou BOSOM New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd, which is located in hangzhou in the flat area northeast of Xingyuan road and Zhongxing road, formally started construction, district party committee secretary Chen Rugen, Shi Huamiao, Chenchen, Zhang Junjie, Zhu Zhenwei, Ge Jianwei, Bian Jikun, Song Yu etc. four sets of leadership and district leaders come to take part in the ceremony, To witness a milestone day in BOSOM history. 



            BOSOM hangzhou headquarters covers an area of about 70 acres, close to Hangzhou metro line 9 and high-speed north station, the total investment is 1 billion yuan, for the outstanding enterprises in China and abroad, To build the most beautiful green factory of domestic demonstration, and the international advanced level of open modified engineering plastics and special engineering plastics research base.



            "For the survival and development of the enterprise, we must strive to build a research and development platform with world-class experimental equipment and facilities. In order to attract talents, we will strive to build the first enterprise-class leisure facilities in Linping district, such as multi-functional gymnasium and infinity pool. To provide a comfortable and convenient platform for outstanding professionals to display their talents and realize their dreams."



             At the commencement site, Shi Huamiao, Zhu Zhenwei and other district leaders delivered speeches, and said that linping District Committee, District government, and the Party Working Committee and management Committee of the national Development Zone would create a first-class business environment, provide "nanny" services for enterprise development and project construction, and make every effort to ensure the construction project of BOSOM Headquarters will complete to use early. As the invisible champion of Zhejiang Province and the national specialized new "little giant" enterprise, BOSOM will also take the commencement of this project as a new starting point, continue to increase project investment, step up innovation and research and development, gather superior resources, make efforts for early completion, early effect, early contribution of the project. To build an industry-leading high-performance engineering plastics R&D headquarters for Linping District and Development Zone, and strive to make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of the entity manufacturing industry in Linping District.